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Man Bar

  • Refreshes, energizes, and sloughs drab skin with a super-infusion of cedarwood, benzoin, peppermint essential oils, and ground coffee beans for a wake-you-up cleansing experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Renee Frank
Fun Day!

My husband and I took a soap making class and we loved it! We ended up staying to make a candle and body scrub as well . Great time we will definitely go back

Wonderful Soap

I really enjoy feel and scents of the different soaps I have purchased, especially Luscious Lavender and the Man Bar. I would highly recommend using the Goat Milk Soap if you have sensitivity to or dry skin from using store bought soap.

Charlie Little
Great product

I’ve used this soap for years. Wonderful product. Highly recommended.

My favorite

I discovered this soap at Pike Place a few years ago, and can't do without it. I have dry skin and this bar makes a huge difference. Thank you for a consistently great product!!

Howdy Cosmoguy! You have great taste as the Man Bar is our #1 soap year after year. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

Craig Hellberg
Perfect soap for men

I have used the Man Bar for over 2 years and really enjoy it. No fruity scents. Just good clean grit to get a man clean. I have used many soaps from other companies and I find the man bar to be the best value. The customer service is fantastic.

Love the scent!

My husband smells incredible all day long! I keep buying these bars for him to make sure he never runs out! He says the soap feels refreshing and moisturizing.

Meredith Dyer
Amazing products

This is the only soap that will cut through my husband‘s very oily skin… It leaves him feeling clean and fresh with zero residue. He uses the Man bar head to toe… We love supporting small businesses and can’t wait to see these products on local shelves across the country. We live in Missouri now and order with confidence that we will receive the best soaps on the market.

Hello Meredith,

Thanks for the review and great pic! Man Bar is our #1 selling soap.



Zac Fiscus
Man bar

Best scent out there! I’ve tried numerous brands, but I keep coming back for this. Not sure why it just smells perfect. Never get tired of it!

Love Stone City Farm Soaps

I have tried just about every soap company out there and Stone City Farm is my favorite. My go to soaps are the EUCALYPTUS, MAN BAR and PEPPERMINT & PUMICE.
These bars are the perfect size and shape, last a long time, smell great , leave my skin feeling clean and are a great value. The customer service is also excellent.

Not Just for Men!

I have used this soap for years and it is one of my favorites! It offers the perfect amount of exfoliation for me while still keeping my skin super soft! This is one of the soap scents that I always have on hand!