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6 Reasons You Need To Start Buying Your Soaps From Goats

Posted by Kathleen Nece on
6 Reasons You Need To Start Buying Your Soaps From Goats

It’s time to buy some soaps from goats. Although we can’t say that our wonderful (and adorable) goats are actively sitting at the computer waiting for your soap orders to come in, they are the backbone of the Stone City Farm. After all, without them, it would be pretty difficult for any of us to soak up the lovely benefits that come from their milk. So, if you’re ready to trade in the chemical-packed bars for pure natural goat milk soap and all the benefits that follow, this one's for you!


Goat Soap is Amazing for Sensitive Skin

Oh, the struggles of having sensitive skin. Despite tons of soaps slapping a “for sensitive skin” sticker on their packaging, this isn’t always the case – and let’s get serious here, your skincare should never be trial and error. So, if you’re tired of buying “sensitive soap” and having to cross your fingers and wish for a miracle, you need to try soaps from goats. The natural goat milk used in our soaps will soothe, soak and lather your sensitive skin.


Soaps from Goats Offer Gentle, Deep Cleansing 

Natural goat milk is highly recognized for its lactic acid. This hefty little component is a gentle, yet powerful natural cleaning agent that gets deep into those pores to give your skin a good cleanse, without destroying your skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

Goat Milk Soap Reveals Brighter Skin

Looking for a youthful glow? Our little goats have the milk you need for a bright and healthy complexion, and it all comes in a beautifully wrapped package. Natural goat milk contains alpha hydroxy acid, which you can also find added into fancy and expensive soaps. Our option is affordable and the alpha hydroxy acid is naturally-occurring, but that's a topic for another day. 

You want alpha hydroxy acid in your skincare because it’s the key ingredient for shedding your skin of those dead skin cells, to reveal the fresh, youthful skin hidden below.

Goat Soaps Give You a Daily Dose of Vitamins

Who needs a multivitamin (Just Kidding!) when you have soaps made of goat milk? Goat milk (and all the soap that follows) is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, from Vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, E and more, to zinc, iron, selenium, copper, etc. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the fatty acids, citric acid, antioxidants, amino acids, and enzymes either!

What does this all mean for your skin? A healthy, nourished result.

Goat Soap is The Perfect Moisturizing Agent

With all of those healthy elements mentioned, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that natural goat milk soap is perfect for keeping your skin nice and goat soap, soaps from goats, goat milk, natural goat milk soap, unrefined, natural skincare, natural goat soap, benefits of goat soap, skin benefits of goat soap, moisturized. In fact, goat soap is a natural moisturizer (an emollient, if we were to get technical), meaning it gets absorbed right into your skin to create a strong moisture barrier that keeps your skin nice and soft all day long.


Soaps Made from Goats Keep Acne at Bay

Despite what you may have told, you don’t have to fork over your entire paycheck for a fancy acne cream just to have clear skin. Instead, all you need is a bar of natural goat milk soap! The anti-microbial properties found in goat’s milk is amazing for treating and preventing blemishes and acne, as it destroys acne-causing bacteria and prevents it from coming back.

Say goodbye to bumps, irritation, inflammation, and impurities. Natural goat milk soap is the healthy, natural, safe and affordable skincare option – and one that comes with an abundance of benefits, sans harmful chemicals and toxins. Can we get a bleat, or what? Head on over to Stone City Farm and explore what our goats can do for you.

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  • Chris Cozzolino on

    Received a couple bars of your soap as a gift and it’s the best goat soap I have ever tried…and I have tried a ton! Love these!

  • DarrellN on

    Very informative. Enjoyed reading the article! Actually learned a lot of new things pertaining to goat milk soap.

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