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I have a personal question.

Do you know what is in your body soap?

I couldn’t answer this question until about 8 years ago when a friend began having health issues related to skin products such as soap.

I looked at the label of my soap and was shocked to see all the chemicals and preservatives. For my entire life, I had been assaulting the largest organ of my body – my skin.  And to think, my children were using it too! 

Since then, I have made many changes in my life regarding skin products and my family’s soap. In fact, after serving in the military, my family and I started Stone City Farm.

Our mission at Stone City Farm is to produce high quality, all natural goat milk soap for people who desire a fresh, unrefined, natural product. Our handcrafted soaps are made in small batches, each containing 100% raw goat milk and a variety of natural oils, butters, and scents, which provide a luxurious bar for bath, body, and more.  Even our honey and oat soap is made with honey harvested at our farm.
We offer both scented and unscented soaps. Our most popular soaps are Herbal Citrus, Lemongrass, Rosemary and Peppermint and the very popular Man Bar.
We even have gift sets. Our Signature Gift Sets come with a cedar box handcrafted by a local woodworker and fire branded with our logo. We also have natural soap decks and spa cloths hand-knitted on our farm.
Since we started offering our soaps, we have had great feedback from our customers. Common responses include: “Love the soap!” “best soap ever” “gentle” “luxurious” “squeaky clean” “love the smell” “soft skin” “moisturizing” “healthy” “I’m hooked”.  We would love for you to try our soap. To see our soaps and meet our goats, go to 
Oh - Don’t forget, when you get home, check your soap contents – you never know what could be hiding in your soap! 


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