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Extend the life of your soap!

Did your soap leave too soon? 

Does your soap ever become slimy? or mushy? or seem to melt away? If yes, you probably have a problem with your soap dish. If soap is not stored in a proper soap dish that allows drainage, your soap never dries properly, loses its hardness, and melts away.

Why is a proper soap dish important?

A proper soap dish will extend the life of your soap and prevent it from becoming soft. A proper soap dish helps dry out your soap and allows air to circulate around your soap which extends the life of your soap.

According to one of our customers, 

“Never knew the Importance of a Good Soap Dish!

In all my years, I never knew there were different types of soap dishes. The ones I had in the past were bowl type dishes that did not drain. The bottom of the dish always had a soapy, slimy residue, and the bottom of the soap was slimy too! I continually had to clean and dry out the soap dish. And, how many times did the soap slip out of my hand and fall on the shower floor! I never knew there were soap dishes designed to allow the water and sudsy soap residue to drain properly. What a difference this soap dish has made, and my soap has lasted longer! I love the design - very natural and fits in with my natural, simplistic decorating style.”

Stone City Farm offers two types of soap dishes, Pebble Soap Dish and Oak Soap Dish that allow water to drain away and air to circulate around your soap. 

After all, doesn’t your soap deserve a worthy companion? 

2 Responses

Bob Enerson

Bob Enerson

September 16, 2017

Great product along with fast courteous service. Bought this soap for the first time at the garden show in Eugene. Liked it enough to order again. Included soap dish and several bars for my sister’s birthday. Thank you.



January 24, 2016

I never knew the importance of a soap dish until I started buying soap from Stone City Farm. Thanks for the enlightenment!

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